Let's See Your Coasters

I need to make some coasters to help keep my restored coffee table from needing refinished again. I would love some inspiration by seeing the best coasters you all have made!


Maybe not my best… as I gave those away… but:



Well, somebody’s gotta hold down the low end of the contest …

Smashed glass:

Algorithmic petals done in rattlecan colors:

Which look better in acrylic:

Algorithmic snowflakes:

Sharpie colored holly mirror in plywood:

And for really spicy drinks:

When a friend asked “How many coasters do you really need?” I had no answer …

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One of the few i been working on. Yes, i know its a test piece.

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not my best ones but they are right in front of me… edge grain birch with 3mm birch ply. My business logo and lots of coffee stains.

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Just a few of the ceramic coasters that I make.


4 coasters on to Thuja (Thuja occidentalis) wooden disks I made from cutt down tree’s in my own garden . 80-90 mm wide and 8-10 mm thick, dried for almost 2 months, 95 % of them survived without cracking. Done on a X-Tools F1 I just got. 100 mm/s, 60 power, 100 lines/cm and 1 pass.


I love the dog, did you design it?

Ha, the color wheel reminds me of the NBC logo, those all are great. I assume the geode looking one is a resin pour right?

That top photo engrave is fantastic, great work all around.

Ooo, these would make great Christmas gifts for a few members of my family. Awesome job!


Smashed tempered glass and black epoxy inside four acrylic layers, with cork stuck on the bottom:

Which put the workbench out of bounds:

That was a learning experience …

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No, I found it quite a while back, I believe it was a right-click save-as kind of thing off the interweb.

Still learning

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Looks good… but I’d give yourself some margins, since it’s text involved.


Get Grandma to knit some. lol

I’ve looked at a lot of these slate engravings and I think you’d do better with lower power…

Although these were done on the fiber with the proper settings, I think you can see the results of a lower power application. These are filled vectors.

Another example, from the co2 machine is this pair of leaves… The left one is fine, but the right one had about 15% more power… you can see the results are clearly too much power… This is an image.

Great work, keep it up…



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These are my best so far, Tiki themed and 2 materials, walnut and bamboo with a polyurethane coating in a 3D printed holder.