Let's See Your Coasters

These are all leather, 3.2 - 3.8mm, cost about $10/sqft if buying 1/2 of cow hide, Etsy. D&D hide was purchased with that nice durable finish, the other two are Natural veg oil finish ok to stain or oil. The MC coasters are finished with a couple coats of neatsfoot oil. 10000mm/m is about max spd for my laser, the etching is lighter and shallower of course, but still durable and good. Laser is Neje A40640, dual diode about 15w output.


Made some coasters from 3 mm white spray painted MDF
with holder for it.


slick… :+1:

Beer Table made from skids in Garage
Family photos on white ceramic Tiles


Nice to see you again Nicky!!

Could you share where you found these round mirror coasters? These look like something I can do.

4" Round mirrors on Amazon. I got the cork backers there too. They are a little smaller which works out well. I think I bought the mirrors 50 at a time. Just gotta not slam your drinks down or they can break. The cork will hold them together though.

I guess this means be careful what you serve your guests. :grin:

Thanks for the info!

These are some of the ones I do. The 2 small tile examples are for a lady who fits 4 of them together and glues them to felt to form a larger single coaster. The “Can I Help” is one of a set I made for a friend who is a Pastor.


boom shaka laka

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Not the best but my first run with slate

That is some pretty good detail, especially in the logo.

I cannot find the AtomStack P7 M50 machine. What is the Laser output? Can you share the speed mm/min and power% you used for this one?

I assume a P7 platform with an M50 laser module.


I did too, but I did not see it on the AtomStack website.

Thanks for that :blush: yes its a p7 with the m50 laser module i bought the m50 laser module off amazon n just switched them out

The settings i used were 3000 spd 60% power

Set of ten and box I made for a friend in birch plywood and a single 3D 2 layer in 1/4" redwood I milled from downed heritage tree in La Honda, CA, when I still lived there. I brought some planks 1" x 12" x 48" of old growth redwood with me when I retired.


that a boy chris !!! you did good !!

A few samples


Not quite finished project yet but the engraving is done :blush:

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