Licence Activation?

Why do I see a TRIAL extention screen after I PAID for the LICENSE !!!

First, it’s not advisable to post your personal license key in a public forum where others could read and use it.

Second, the license is registered to a specific computer. Because of privacy concerns over being tracked, there is no foolproof way to identify a computer, so the license system creates a fingerprint from a bunch of attributes on your computer, including the name, OS, hardware configuration, network address, and more. If enough things change on the computer, it can fool the system into thinking it’s a new PC. Every once in a while, even a good Windows Update can cause this.

Your keys shows a computer called TG101, last used on Feb 1st.

If that has changed, we can remove it so you can re-license, or you can do this yourself as explained here: How to access the license portal to manage your own activations

Finally, ‘yelling’ in all caps and generally acting like a huffy and indignant arse is less likely to get your issues resolved than simply asking, “Hey, I bought a license, but it’s now showing a trial - can someone help please?” I’ll happily refund your purchase and delete your key if you’d prefer.



Thank you

Well I logged back in and my licence is NOT valid again ???

Showing TRAIL. Same exact problem all over again ???

You are not required to “log in” to enter your key or use LightBurn, so I am not sure what you are referencing.

Looking just now, I see that you have successfully entered the key and also used last 2020-03-29 20:08:34.

Please describe the exact steps you have taken and what results you observed, and again, no YELLING required. We are right here.

Rebooted, stable now :slight_smile:

*** Rebooted, license KEY acceptance stable now. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the assistance !

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