Licence key after 12.03 download

I paid for the license for lightburn galvo, everything was fine for 4 months and then after downloading version 12.03 it doesn’t recognize the laser and asks for the license key for lightburn galvo, what should I do, I don’t have the license key

You can access the License Portal in the upper right hand corner of this page to see your License key, manage activations, etc.

I’ve looked up your license based on the email address of your account here on the forum. You purchased a DSP license in 2019, and renewals in April of 2020 and Feb of 2022. You have never purchased the galvo add on, which you can do here:

If you need your license key, I can message that to you, or support can look it up based on your email address. You can also use the portal as Steve suggests above to see your key.


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