License activation question

I have a license that is expired, i can see it from license portal, but my question is this:
can i activate the license from portal?
at the moment i have no access to the PCs in which the license is registered.

The License Portal allows you to alter the current allocation of your seats, yes. :slight_smile:

ok but from the portal i can’t reactivate the license… isn’it it?

Expired just means that you don’t have access to current updates past the expiration date of the license. The License itself is good for life, and can run any version of LightBurn that was released prior to the expiration date.

If you wish to renew your license to have access to current updates, it’s $30 per year and can be purchased here:

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thanks for infos but i know all that, i’ve been using LB for almost 2 year. My question is: from portal can be reactivated an expired license?
cause at the moment is possible to do it only from the PC in which the license is expired.

In the license management window in lightburn there is a request offline activation button. I’ve never pressed it.

ok thanks but i’m looking for re-activation without using the PC in which the expired license is stored.
Not de-activation… RE-activation :smiley:

If you download a version of LightBurn that was released while your key had updates on it, it should work flawlessly

If you want to renew your key to keep getting the latest updates, you can do that here: Renew your existing LightBurn License Key – LightBurn Software

Updates currently cost $30/year, and as mentioned is not required in order to keep using LightBurn - your key is perpetual. If you renew early, we give you an extra 2 months of updates as a thank-you.

All activation is done within LightBurn itself, while you can de-activate from the License Portal or within LightBurn as well via ‘Help > License Management’

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You can not “Activate” LightBurn on a computer from within the License Portal. You need to enter the license key into the software on that machine to associate a license with it and “Activate” the software. The only thing you can do in the portal is un associate a license from a machine so you can re-enter the key and activate it again.

done with your method, thank you

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Hi Roberto ! I was trying to renew my LightBurn Software and went in to the site indicted above : Renew your existing LightBurn License Key – LightBurn Software Updates currently cost $30/yea… but when I went in I noticed the price is $40 instead of $30/year. Can you advise which is which please. John

i’m in €, not in $ and i see 28.95€/year that at the moment are 31.45$

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