License extra for new computer

I have the program installed on my pc but I had to update both and now I cannot run the program
It tells me that I alkalo the maximum of users
What can I do in this case?

I’ve removed both activations from your license key. You’ll need to re-enter the key on both machines, but you’re all set.

we have the same problem. We bought license through Gerbil page via, can you reset both computer?

Adam Masik

If you bought it from Awesome Tech I would need your actual license key to do the reset - Only Awesome Tech can look up your key by email address.

Where I can send you key?

Support at LightBurnSoftware dot com

So If I buy Lightburn I can install it on two PCs? Do they have to be online all the time? I planed to dedicate a PC to my lasers but want to also use my laptop. I’m not sure I want to run a Lan cable to the PC.

If you use the search in the upper-right of each forum page you can find answers to many questions you may have. Please do that first and we can help with things that have not been covered. Thanks :slight_smile:

LightBurn provides a way to use the software with an offline activation license. This can be found under ‘Help’→’License Management’.

I did. How do you think I got to this thread. Is this how you treat new customers?
It’s not like I started a new topic.

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That didn’t answer my question. My question was does the computer need to be connected to the internet at all times. I already figured out from this topic that you can use 2 PC’s but I guess I shouldn’t have put that question there. It was just a reassurance I guess. Sorry for asking a question. It wont happen again.
Have a good day.

Man, people are testy today. You don’t need Internet connected to just run the program. It’s just for verifying the license, so I think just your first run after you apply the license key, and in the future if you want to update.

Thank you for that answer.

Get used to it… I know, it sucks.

LightBurn does allow for offline activation, which Rick mentioned in his first response, so for what it’s worth, he did try to answer your question straight away - the hostility isn’t necessary.

And to clarify, Offline Activation means that the computer doesn’t have to be connected to a network at all, ever.

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