License question - update subscription - bugfixes after expiring


My trial period will end at tomorrow, and I think I will purchase a license, but I have a question about the update subscription and bugfix releases.

If I purchase a license I will have 1 year upgrade subscription, but what happens with bugfix releases after the one year expires?

I mean:

  1. I purchase a subscription tomorrow, 2022-03-11
  2. You release V1.2 at 2023-02-01
  3. I upgrade to V1.2 from 1.1, but it is bugus, I can’t use it.
  4. You release V1.2.1 with 10 bugfixes at 2023-03-12, but my license expired yesterday.

Which happening now?

  • I need to pay and extend my subscription with one year for this bugfixes, or downgrade from v1.2 to v1.1
  • The bugfix releases is always granted for a latest version which I own and I can update from v1.2.0 to v.1.2.1 without restrictions?

Thanks for you reply!

We do not currently separate fixes from new feature releases in the way you are thinking. The license comes with 365 days of access to our latest work. We offer a Renewal, which allows for another 365 days of access. Anything we release within that time, you can access and have available to update the version you are working with. You can purchase more than one Renewal at a time if that helps you stay current. You are not required to purchase renewals, as the license will work forever. :slight_smile:

Review this for How the License Works,

Thank you, understand it.

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