License Renewal. No email

I sent for renewal. CC has been charged. Six hours hence and still not renewal e-mail.

Correct. When reading the page where you purchased, we set expectations, at the top of the page and call attention using red text. We tell folks, “This may take up to one business day for processing, and up to 24 hours after that for the software to pick up the change. You will receive a “your order is on the way” notification when we process the order.”

Wrong. This from the email I received

Thank you for your purchase!

If you purchased a LightBurn license key, it will be delivered shortly, in a separate email. Keys usually arrive within minutes, but occasionally take up to a few hours.

Key word…few hours.

Regardless. What can possibly take so long. It’s not like a FedEx delivery or anything like that. How difficult can it possibly be to generate a license key.

You should not process payment until you send out renewal. Horrible business practice.

We are currently working to adjust this process to have it work as smoothly as possible, but until then, this process is what we have. :slight_smile: The wording in that email you share, I will admit, could be clearer, and is a bit subtle, yet it does identify that process is for key purchase.

The system will process. Sorry for any confusion. We are working to refine.

That’s nothing. My license renewal turned me into a newt.

@CXXXV, I see your renewal has been applied. I have responded to your emails with the details.

I’m SO glad they finally got that bug fixed…

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Note, that you did not purchase a license key, you purchased a renewal. They’re processed manually by a human (me) a few times a day when I’m at my desk, but if I’m traveling or otherwise busy, it might be up to 24 hours (which is stated clearly on the page you purchased from, shown above by Rick).

Not trying to start an argument here, but this is the system we have at the moment. We are actively developing one that will process them instantly, but we’re not there yet. We don’t have control over when the charge happens - it works identically to any physical product - you pay the money, we collect it, then we deliver the product. I’m sorry you feel this is unfair - we can refund and revert the renewal if you’re unhappy.

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I got better.

Waking up to Monty Python references…life doesn’t get better.

so every year need to pay 30.00$ to keep your software update?