Light burn 1.0 with MacBook Air m1 Big Sur 11.3.1

I’m having to run a very old version of Light Burn 9.20 for the laser (BossLaser) and software to play well together. I also need to use a splitter thing to plug the laser, camera and Wacom into, which then goes into an adapter to use the usb-c (there is only the one on the computer).

Has anyone been successful using the newest version with a boss and MacBook Air M1 Big Sur?

This is worth review.

Mine worked well for a very short time, like three cuts. Had to try out the print and cut to recut something that did not cut completely. All went well but then lines started going off random ways :frowning: Went back to 9.2.

Try this one (on the bottom of the thread Rick posted above):

I found a repeatable issue on Big Sur / Ruida / USB and was able to fix it.

I just saw this, download no longer available. Redownload 1.0?

Updated the above link - try again now.

Thank you! Will give it a try.

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