Light burn and orator 20w results are strange

so ran a test pattern to see what it would do on black painted tile and only the #30 started getting results

so i ran a full image using it and it now seems to stop in a section and stay then continue

i fully framed it to start off with, using a 4x4 image, test fired in each corner, then ran it

maddy-45-75.lbrn (297.8 KB)

attached is the image .lbrn using 45/75 and the results

That is actually quite strange.
Your file, besides having a bit of over optimistic DPI (i wouldnt go over 300dpi personally) seems perfectly setup.
HAve you by any chance noticed if the cables are being tangled in anyway? maybe holding the frame to move untill it can actually snap out and resume motion
(i would check this on Y motion only of course.

Are all cables fully tied down?

i noticed yesterday that once in a while while the machine was off, if i moved the Y axis it would hesitate in spots while pointing the machine

at that point the cables were tied down

so now i removed the cable ties and there are no obstructions, and will try the same full scan, using your suggestion as well (DPI)

so speed
max power 75
bi directional on
negative image off
overscanning off
line interval .00357
pass through off

i checked all four corners. each corner went to the edge

the second i pressed start, it started about 3/4" up from the bottom left corner.

so i stopped it, pressed frame, and now the 4x4 starts and ends 3/4" above the original starting position

this time laser on black tile, settings and image attached.

wires free, and manually the x and y freely move

after framing it went to all four corners

this time 50 speed in/min, and 85% power

this is mind boggling…

yet engraving stopped 3/4’s of the way up???

maddy-50-85.lbrn (168.2 KB)