Light burn crashes

Hello, my machine is RUIDA 644 XG, I work with a large image 650x 500
each time I’m trying to send the file to the machine with 600 DPI, Lightburn crashes without a word!
Can you tell me what is happening?

You’re running out of memory.

That image size is pretty huge, and without careful choices is going to exceed the memory of your controller, and possibly the software. First, 650 x 600 mm is 25.6 x 19.7 inches, or about 504 square inches. 600 DPI means 360,000 dots for each square inch of image, so even as simple 8-bit grayscale, that image is 181.5mb in memory.

If you are dithering that, each of those 181 million 8-bit pixels turns into several instructions for the laser, and a Ruida has a maximum file size of 100mb. If you use Newsprint or Halftone that will come down quite a bit, because they cluster the shading, but you should still check the size of the result before sending.

Using a lower DPI, a smaller image, or using Newsprint or Halftone will help. Using Newsprint with a test image of the same size as yours, I get a resulting RD file of 95Mb - that will just barely fit into a Ruida controller. Halftone cuts that down even further, to about 45Mb.

Thx a lot for the quick reply, if i go downsize my image to 300 dpi, the image will be different after the engravement ?
I’m doing small test for now, and in 600 dpi it’s very nice, i hope I will not loose too much!?

What if I send it directly from my machine without sending the whole file to the Ruida? Does this make any difference? It seems that it doesn’t really work, but I’m just asking in case…

Hello again, I used my old Ruida software on a PC, I opened an BMP image of 600DPi and I sent it to my machine with those settings and it works!
I bought your software to have it on a mac and to have a better one than the ruida, and it’s not working… What is wrong!

I tried your Un-process mode : “Pass through”, but the effect is really bad, and the size of my files are exceding what my machine is supposed to do … With the Ruida soft, no problem, can you explain me why for a better software for Laser that I bought almost 90 euros, and nothing for the RUIDA… I love the ergonomy of your sofware, so can we figure this out quick…

“And nothing for the Ruida” - Not true - You purchased a Ruida controller, and the software is included with it - that doesn’t mean it was free. My car came with tires, yet when I buy new tires they cost money - same idea.

You say you opened an image of 600 DPI and sent it to your laser with those settings and it worked. Those settings include an interval value of 0.1mm, making the output about 254 DPI, the same as the default in LightBurn.

Pass-Through is only used for files that are dithered outside of LightBurn - for example if you use PhotoGrav, and it produces a 1-bit file, you do not want LightBurn to resample it and re-dither it.

What is the wattage of your laser, and what image are you trying to engrave? Is it already processed into a 1-bit image, or is it just a normal image?

Hello, sorry for yesterday, I was a bit angry and sad that I could not find the same result in the Lightburn software… You are right interval is 0.1 (I did a resampling/calculating yestreday)
My laser is a CO2 90 watts, I tried in Lightburn a pre dithered image and a none… but still the effect is not the same… I’m using a 600DPI, 1bit Bitmap image. Did this in photoshop.
There is something that I do not understand… When it is pre dithered in Lightburn I could not go 0.1 anymore when it’s Pass-Through . In the RUida software I can…

In Ruida it’s throwing away 3/4 of your source file when you do that, in LightBurn it doesn’t let you because if you pre-dither I assume you want all of it.

With a 90w laser, your beam spot is going to be about 0.16mm or larger, so there’s no point in dithering at 600 DPI - the lines will overlap badly and ruin the shading. Newsprint or Halftone will give you good results at that DPI because they’re designed to reduce overlap.

So you mean, more power we have, less DPI we can have too…
I prefer to control the dithering from software like photoshop because I can see the result.
I’m gonna try to export in BMP at 250 DPI, 1 bit from photoshop and download it to my machine, I let you know.

THis is a 600 x 500 map I did with the ruida

You can see the result in LightBurn too, if you preview (Alt-P) or select the image and use Tools > Save processed bitmap and open it up.

And yes, higher wattage glass tube lasers have a larger beam diameter, and a larger focused spot size. Having compound or short-focus lenses help make it smaller, but you won’t get the same detail from a 90w that you get from a 40w.

Having said that, this is my old EBay 100w machine, 158DPI, 200mm x 300mm, Jarvis dither, all done in LightBurn:

pretty good!! thx a lot for all the details!

Las thing, what was your speed. I 'm doing 100, and I think this is influencing the quality, is that correct?

100 is not a speed. 100mph, 100mm/s, or 100in/min are measurements of speed. Please provide the details when asking questions as they really matter.

Sorry, I’m speaking in mm/sec

100mm/sec should not be too fast, but 250 DPI with a 90w laser is likely still too high.

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