Light burn not opening on chromebook

Hey guys I have tryed everything in the forum to get my light burn software to open on my chromebook computer but can’t get it to open i just get the spinning thinking wheel and no action im using a acer chromebook with Linux beta turned on any help would be greatly appreciated!

First thing to note: we do not actually support running LightBurn on Chrome OS. Not trying to just shut you down here, just setting expectations. Chrome OS is technically Linux but it’s often missing a lot of stuff you need to run LightBurn (since it’s a very stripped down Linux).

My first thought: Is your chromebook x86 or ARM? (You can check with the uname -a command)

If it’s ARM then you are out of luck, we only support the x86 (64 bit only for Linux) architecture.
Acer sells both x86 and ARM chromebooks, so I can’t really know with out more info on the model.

How did you install LightBurn? Using the .run file or just running from the extracted 7z file?
If not the latter, try downloading the 7z file, extracting it, then at the console cd to the extracted LightBurn directory and exectute ./LightBurn.

By running it at the console you should be able to see (and copy/paste here) any errors that come up.

All that said, I do highly recommend running it on Ubuntu 18.04 if you want to use Linux. It’s the most stable for LightBurn in my experience. If your chromebook is x86 you might even be able to just install Ubuntu on it.

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@AmarioFrom what I’ve seen, it looks like Linux Beta on Chromebooks are based on Debian Buster/10 which is what Ubuntu 18.04 - 19.10 were based on so there ‘should’ be less to worry about. Have you done everything in this HowTo for setting up Linux Beta on the chromebook?

If so, it would be helpful if you opened up a terminal window and tried to run Lightburn from that.
If you used the Lightburn installer with the ‘run’ extension then this command might work:

You might even do and copy & paste the output to this forum post so we can see what’s going on:
cd ~/.local/share/LightBurn

Several of us are running Lightburn on a Linux(beta)-enabled Chromebook, so it is possible. So far, it’s been a missing library and the need to be in your local home directory so that you can change the permissions on the .run file…

I have done this and no luck

@Amarion93 we really can’t help you if you don’t answer the questions we ask of you…

Sorry still trying to figure out this forum deal my unit is running X86 I’m currently trying to install Ubuntu I had performed all the sudo apt get that David Johnson had posted

So I installed Ubuntu and was using the forum on installing light burn in Ubuntu and when I go to ./AppRun it says there is no file or directory…I’m stuck

Please be more specific about things you are doing as we can not guess accurately as to what you are doing. Like which forum instructions are you following? I had posted a HowTo which used the 7z installation version of LightBurn and it expects you to download the file into the Downloads directory but run the 7z install command from your home directory so that you have a ~/LightBurn directory. FYI, the “~” thing used in commandline terminals means your home directory. You can literally type “cd ~” and you will be at your home directory. If you did not follow the directions and ran the 7z extraction in the Downloads directory then you will have install LightBurn there and typing “ls” to list the directory contents so it shows you the LightBurn directory…

As for installing Ubuntu and then installing LightBurn it’s not many steps but what version of Ubuntu did you install?

Typically installation goes like this using the “.run” version of the installer:

  1. download the “*.run” version of LightBurn for Linux
  2. open a terminal and ‘cd’ to the download directory and run “chmod +x”
  3. run the LightBurn installer( ./ )
  4. open your application menu and find LightBurn and click/run the application.

You might have to install libssl( sudo apt install libssl1.0-dev ) to get the Check For Updates feature working and you might need to set up privileges to access the USB port by adding your userID to the DialOut group. But LightBurn should start after the 4 steps listed above.

LightBurn install on Ubuntu - mini HowTo here is the link to what I used to install Light Burn on Ubuntu and here is the link that I used to install Ubuntu

I recommend you follow the instructions step-by-step and look VERY CAREFULLY at any returned text from running the instructions. I can’t emphasize enough learning a little bit about what is going on for every instruction and if you do not understand what is going on, do a google search on the instruction name along with the word ubuntu ( example search terms: ubuntu chmod ).


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