LightBurn 0.9.08 (and now 0.9.09) - An early holiday gift for our users

An early holiday gift for our users:

Post edit: For anyone who has downloaded this, please do another update check and pull 0.9.09. A bug was found that was an interaction between a bugfix for grouped text-on-path objects and the new snapping behaviors that could cause issues with selecting text, and making your selection bounds wrong.

It wasn’t destructive in any way - none of the incorrect information is saved to your project file, as it’s all just stuff used for selection and interaction, but it was really annoying when it happened.

0.9.09 is out, and if you don’t see this message, 0.9.08 should tell you it’s available tomorrow. :slight_smile:

2nd post edit: 0.9.09 has been updated to include fixes for:

  • MacOS port filtering being too aggressive
  • Ruida frame bounds checking not working (this is now on a switch to allow for wider testing, defaults to disabled, and you can now choose to run the frame anyway)

3rd, and hopefully final post edit:

  • Scale handles for vertical or horizontal lines are fixed
  • A missing VCRuntime installer was added to the 32 bit version
  • Show Last Position was not working consistently on some GCode devices with the recent jogging changes - this is fixed
  • The enable flags for ‘water protect’ were discovered to be reversed (Laser1 & Laser2) - would not affect you if you’ve never changed them in LightBurn
  • Added a setting to override the default network timeout period for Ruida and Trocen devices
  • Center snap has been added for arbitrary path shapes

SKETCH TRACE looks very promising. great work as always

The rounded corners doesnt work on items created with the rectangle/square tool?

You still need to use shape properties for squares and rectraingles.

Use ‘Shape Properties’ or convert shape to paths first.

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Thank you for that sir!

Corner fillet edits the shape. If you start with a built-in rectangle, it needs to be converted to a generic path object first - I can’t round one corner of it without doing that first. I could make this more automatic, but I’ve chosen to leave it this way because if you wanted to resize the rectangle after rounding the corners, for example, the shape properties version maintains the original radius if possible, while the rounded corner tool will not.

Played with it I understand it now. Works perfect!

Updated to 9.0.08 for trocen AWC708C Lite and now I cannot process anything. I keep receiving error data file from the controller. Happens no matter if I use USB or IP connection. Any thoughts on what might have happened with upgrade to have caused this?

I have an idea - let me look.

I’ve posted an update to 0.9.08 that fixes the AWC issue and also fixes saving the setting for Sketch mode dithering. Simply download and install the same version again.

Thank you so much. As usual you are the man. I appreciate you very much! I hope you have a blessed Holiday.

Thank you very much. I love the software and this makes it even better

does this release fix the Illustrator 2020 crash issue?

Question about the new radius function - is it possible to change or modify the radius after applying a certain value? Just fooling around with it, I set a 10° radius on a 90° corner. However, if I need to change that to 20°, is that possible? I realize I can always Cntl-Z to back out but this seems like something that one might need to change or adjust. If the property is there somewhere, I can’t seem to find it.

Having the ability to snap a shape to the center or edge of another shape is excellent! That alone makes this a really valuable update. Then add the new radius tool and I feel like I have already got all I needed to make the $30 renewal fee worth it.

@LightBurn - Damn this is a great update! Thanks for all your hard work and long hours spent into making such an amazing product!

Question for you - I was messing around with the Focus Z option (love it) and it got me thinking… is there a way to instead of manually typing in the coordinates for Move to Position, instead either right click a location and move the laser head to that location or a button in the Move tab that allows you to press it, and then select a location on the grid to move the head to? Wasn’t sure if there was one and I was missing it or not… If not, think it would be a great idea :smiley:

Use case would be - I have taken a picture with the camera on a sheet of acrylic that I cut a lot of stuff out on and I need to move it to a specific location before focusing Z… would be cool to select that location from the image and have it move the head before i set focus… aka (im lazy and dont want to hover to find coordinates and then manually input them :wink: ) but ill be doing that for now lol

The easiest way to find out is to try it :slight_smile:

An early Christmas gift!! This is just fantastic and very much appreciated!! Thanks everyone on the Lightburn team!! Jason

question…your upgrade list shows

Don’t group when importing a single shape or bitmap from an AI / PDF / SVG file

however NOW when i import an AI file it comes in not grouped wheres before it would come in grouped…this is in a file that has curves (text) and a cut shape

is this as expected