Lightburn 8mp 120 camera freezes and locks up software

Just added the 8mp - 120 Lightburn camera to my omtech 150w laser. Camera comes on but freezes and locks the software up. I can’t even complete the calibration because it keeps freezing and locking the software up. Connected via the Lightburn supplied usb cable directly to a new MSI gaming laptop running windows 10. I have this same camera on another machine and have never had this issue with it. Any thoughts? Software issue or defective camera? I’m at a loss.

Do you get a crash report or error message presented when this occurs? I might try swapping out the cable from one camera on the different machine to check that. Do you have another computer to test this camera setup? I am suggesting these steps to help isolate and identify what the issue might be. While rare, cameras can fail, as well as intermittent cable issues. What do you have set for ‘Camera Capture System’ in the ‘Settings’ window (click gears icon top-center)?

This is also worth review,

Thanks for your information. No crash report or error message. We have switched things around from one camera to another. It appears to be a loose wire within the provided usb cable that goes to the camera.

Unfortunately, things can and do occur. :wink: Please reach out to with receipt of camera purchase and explain you have a bad cable. We will help sort this there. :slight_smile: