LIghtburn and Ortur misaligned

So, my laser and lightburn have been great, but recently, I noticed that my output is off, meaning, I have the bottom left of my image in lightburn at X: 140, Y: 220, but when I start the burn, it starts at Y: 260, and nothing I do seems to reset it to match the image alignment in lightburn. What can I do to fix or what needs to be adjusted?

So, I adjusted the belts to the laser, and that seemed to help some, but the laser still distorts the image when burning. And for every grid square, for example, the Y axis burns at 1/2 inch, but the X axis burns 7/16 inch. So something is off, and I tried to reset the settings in the GRBL console, but it didn’t change the output.

The issue is, when I am firing the laser and testing alignment, everything measures correctly. It is only when I go to start the burn that the image gets distorted. So, if the laser will move to the proper placement manually, then there must be a setting within the software or something in Lightburn that is off.

Solved my own problem. Somehow, the Enable Rotary switch was enabled, and it was distorting the images. I turned it off, knowing it is supposed to be off, and the problem was resolved.

So you are talking about the “enable rotary” on the rotary setting screen, correct? What setting for the mm per revolution ?