Lightburn and Ruida not responding 2nd run of a print

Ime not entirely sure if this is hardware or software related
I have a Ruida 6224g controller running lightburn on windows 10 latest version
I can set a job out ( let’s say a circle) but any job. I can frame the work and run the job BUT if I try to rerun the job (2nd cut or engrave) lightburn dissent respond screen goes opaque and I have to shut down unplug controller reopen lightburn and start again
I also noticed it does not show up on recent projects in options despite running 1 successfull print ?
This happens EVERY TIME
I am running the latest software
Is there a issue in the latest version snd should I roll back or is there something more going on
I’ve also replaced usb lead 3 times to check signal
Any advice always welcome

I am not understanding what this means, technically. Please show us what you “see”.

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