Lightburn and win 10 win 7

I have tried to have Lightburn find my laser x tool d1 diode , plugged it in to all the usb ports on the pc with win 10 . I made sure the firewall allowed it to pass through , will not find it ! Plug it into my pc with win 7 and it picks it up in any usb port !


It’s more than likely a driver issue…

See if this helps…

Good luck


On the pc with win 7 it is setup for Com 4 - Xtool d1 and it picks it right up . On the pc with win 10 it shows , does not recognize device when the laser is turned on , no matter what port or ext you choose.


Generally that’s indicative of the wrong driver… I’ve had a similar situation happen to me and it turned out to be a driver… unusual for Linux, common for window.

If you’re sure the driver is correct, I don’t know where else you should go… if it’s connected as you say and won’t talk it’s a driver or whatever you plugged into it… If the device works on 7 it should work on 10…

Good luck


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