Lightburn API - simple text marking

Is there a way to use lightburn as a headless controller?

I’d like to setup a console to have a text input section, which would then send text to lightburn which would then burn the text in the required font. So text & font type - start.

Basically so I can run lightburn from another application.

Not necessarily an API but you might want to read and search on the forum for Lightburn UDP

There have been other discussions about modifying the LBRN file programmatically.

Which might be a possible use case for your workflow, combining UDP + LBRN handling

Others might add more ideas to the pot :slight_smile:

Alternatively, combining the concept of Variable Text ( Variable Text in LightBurn) with the aforementioned UDP would likely get you enough flexibility to achieve the stated outcome.

Create a different .lbrn file for each discrete font required along with the variable text object. Then update the CSV file with the required text and send to LightBurn via SendUDP utility.

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Wow… Great replies…

Hopefully I can get something running… :wink:

I am looking at much the same setup and am currently looking for a solution to control/load via a browser.

Imagine having the following in the browser:

  1. Link to Download CSV containing variable text
  2. Link to controll LightBurn:
    1. Launch LightBurn
    2. Open project file template_a.lbrn file
    3. Change the “Variable Text CSV file” for the project

If there is no UDP command for specifying the csv file (anyone know if this is the case?) then it is possible to always use the same csv file name and configure the browser to override any existing file when downloading.

I look forward to hearing other possible solutions :slight_smile:

A possible way is to use an external automation program.
On Windows, for example, you have AutoHotkey and AutoIt and some others.

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