Lightburn application crashes during Device Discovery Wizzard

Running Mac Catalina OS with lightburn software. Connecting to a Rabbit (brand) Laser via USB. The application crashes when I attempt to flow through the device discovery wizzard.

Turn off Bluetooth and try again (and you can re-enable when done).

I will say that MacOS with a USB connection is going to be a pain - MacOS ships with a device driver that conflicts with the driver used by many lasers. Connecting with an Ethernet cable is a little more effort to set up, but will ultimately be more stable for you.

Thanks for the tips I will try without bluetooth tonight. I’ll also try the ethernet setup. What extra is involved? Putting a static IP on the laser?

You can follow the setup information here: How do I connect a Ruida controller with Ethernet?

It’s not terribly hard, it’s just not automatic, and once in while a home router or firewall will interfere with it. Start with the above, and see how you make out. Using a cable is recommended over wireless, as the Ruida networking is very rudimentary, and gives up if even a single packet is dropped. Wired from the PC to the laser is very stable though, and about twice as fast as USB.

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