Lightburn bridge hit and miss

I’m using LB 13.01 with bridge, but the issue is not only for the current version. The problem goes like this on my Aeon Mira7/Ruida

Turn on the machine, wait a while so LB Bridge (LBB) configures itself and start a job. Most of the times work.
Sometimes many minutes pass and no connection is established, even resetting the controller doesn’t work, if I SCP to the raspberry, I get the screen that says everything is functional, but its not. The solution, reset the raspi and rescan from the PC

OK its working again, but:

After a job I start a new one and nothing moves, but, if I send a frame command, it frames, and then, without touching anything, I hit start from my PC (win10/latest) and it works like usual.

And the third quirk is sometimes even after trying the above, a rescan finds the LBB but says that there is no laser attached to it. a Full laser and raspi power off/on cycle usually solves this problem.

Are these documented? Is there something I can check? The raspi is 1 meter away in clear line with the router, so I can safely rule out wifi signal problem. And also, most of the times work without a hitch, but these quirks appear usually at the worst moment, so I took the time to investigate to my knowledge all three of them, thus this post.



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The simplest approach is to leave the Pi powered all the time. If you power down the Pi, there’s a good chance your router will assign it a new IP address, which will require a re-scan from your PC.

There’s generally a way from your router to tell it to assign a static IP to a device with a given MAC address, which will also help.


That is done since day one:

I take the raspi power from the laser, thats why it powers off with it. Is this a problem?

It just means that the Pi will constantly be rebooting, and re-connecting to the network. If you just leave it powered it should be more stable.

If you are on wireless try setting your pi on a wired connection. Wireless has a lot of issues even if you are local. This is because wireless takes turns on the network.

Each device gets a packet burst then it changes to the next device. This happens so fast that normally we do not notice it.

But if you have something that is using serial type information that requires instant response times you can get issues. This is just simple network Wi-Fi problems.

I have the same problems with the latest version of LB. I reloaded the next-to-last version and it works like it used to. I hope Light Burn fixes the problem with their next version. I will NOT upgrade again until then.


If you’re using a LightBurn Bridge and a Ruida controller we’ll need some more information to help get you going in the right direction.

If you’re using an Ortur Laser Master 2 as your profile seems to suggest you may not be having the same problem here.

Please let us know what the untanticipated behaviour is, and a little bit more about the hardware.

This may help us get started.

I was trying to use V 3.0.1 on an OMTech with a Ruida controller but it did not work very well. I no longer have that machine. I reinstalled the earlier version of LB and I am now back to using my Ortur LM2. I may purchase a Boss in a couple of months. If I run into problems with that, I’ll get back with you. When the next version of LB comes out, I will upgrade and go from there.

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