Lightburn camera issue

Subject - Lightburn Camera Issues.

I have a 60w yellow & black with a legit 140 lightburn camera. I’m having several issues.

  1. No matter how I set and align the camera, anything off from center is several mm off in both directions. If i use the x and y axis adjustments it messes up the center and the other side. i’m sure im missing something.

  2. No matter how i’ve mounted this camera, 1st with the supplied 3m tape, to printed my own mounting bracket with holes to screw mount it, it changes each time i start to use it. it is as if something is moving. I have used bungee straps to hold my lid thinking the shocks are leaking down making the cameras position off. still no help and i do not shut my lid.

side note - before this i had a cheap logitech webcam that didnt have all these issues. I bought the lb camera to be able to focus and cover the entire bed.

Can you walk me through the process you use when you align a cut? You have to set the top of the material to your focus height, then do the capture. If your material surface is a different distance from the camera than the alignment markers were, it will mess up the alignment.

Not sure I understand the question. After the alignment process, i can place a circle inside the alignment circle in the center, it will place that circle perfect with x & y at 0, anything to the right or left will be off to where the z & y adjustment will be at 250.

With that said, if i come back tomorrow with x & y on zero place a dog tag in the center, where i tested the circle prior update overlay and it will cut high or to the side. Seems its not saving the prior calibration or something

If I understand what you wrote, it sounds like you re-used a marker run at some point, trying to improve calibration and didn’t run a fresh set of markers. Is that possible?

No, i used the calibration marker directly after alignment. Next day i removed the alignment paper, used my template for dog tags in the same area ans it was immediately off alignment

If you’re off to one side, how far out is the alignment?

The rubber straps …, could it be that your lid does not stop 100% in the same place?

Ive measured the distance, no changes

Im guessing crappy equipment incapable of maintaining calibration

You don’t have to, we are trying to determine the reason you are having issues, but you need to participate for us all to have success.

Please explain how i’m not participating? Blaming customers for LB’s issues? Is that how this works? LB dont know how to help, blame customers so we get mad & go away? :joy: nah bruh i’m here for the long haul, now do something productive and tell me and hundreds of others how to get this over priced crap to work

Dude, you STILL didn’t answer the questions OZ asked you.
You seem to just want to be difficult and flail about and blame someone for something that works for almost everyone but you without actually making any attempt to be a helpful part of the process.
And hundreds of others? LOL…

I want to be difficult? :joy: the answer to is “question “ is in my original post. Nevertheless as i figured you all must be offended keyboard warriors. Its people like me that buy your crap & pay good money for bullshit customer service. If you dont want to be part of the solution, back off & dont compound the problem. LOL check Facebook groups, literally hundreds of disappointed customers.

Rofl, you should be a stand up comedian because you’re absolutely hilarious.

And you haven’t bought any of MY “crap” because I’m not an LB employee, I’m just a very satisfied customer that thinks LightBurn is an awesome bit of product and has about the best customer service I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been around a log time and seen a lot of good and bad.

I wish you luck man. With your attitude you’re going to need it.

To people here escalating this, please stop - it’s not a good look.

Mark - I am trying to help you here. In your first post you said, “no matter how I try to …” but you didn’t describe the steps you take, so that doesn’t tell me anything.

If you write something like, “I place my item on the machine, click the camera capture, line up the cut, move the Z table to set the focus, then run the job” I could tell you from that what’s going wrong.

Hmm. Well, I suppose that would be me.
My apologies to the LightBurn team AND to Mark.

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