Lightburn Camera Issues - Not Working

Win 10 camera issues. I went through all the older threads and I am having the same issue that has been previously reported. Camera is recognized in Windows, produces an image (though upside down) in the camera app.

Attempts to run lens calibration fail, after selecting the lightburn camera the buttons to proceed are greyed out.

I went through all the suggested mitigations including Win 8 compatibility mode and running the app as admin (yes, I am a career IT guy).

Not trying to be negative here, but I have tried everything short of setting up an old Win 7/8 machine to support this. There is only so much time that can be spent before calling it a draw. I hope that you can appreciate the level of frustration when trying to get a vendor provided product to work with the same vendor’s software. I realize that M$ has been changing the playing field on a regular basis, and I cannot fault anyone on that besides M$ >.<

If you would like to see screen captures of what I am seeing, I am more than happy to provide them (and yes, I’m the guy that calls the helldesk, describes the problem and they say “impossible” then I offer screen caps to prove it is possible).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Additional: Win 10 all current patches, LightBurn 1.2.01

well i have no guess on what is happening by your side, i bougth a webcam on aliexpress, arrived yesterday, connected to win 10 PC, run LB and made all calibration without issue, maybe you cam is not supported in LB?
i have this one

LightBurn seems a bit picky which cameras work and which don’t.

It is a LightBurn Camera.

so better wait from @Rick

As a professional you probably already tried all of this.
I’d just like to confirm so we’ll know that we’ll need to revisit/update.

I have gone through all the security settings and the like as described in the troubleshooting guide I found on this forum before reaching out for assistance. I can go through the process again to make sure I have not missed anything.

Guess I will call this a draw, very disappointing to say the least for the price of the gear. I went through everything again and when trying to perform the lens calibration in Lightburn, and choosing the Lightburn camera from the pick list, the buttons to proceed are greyed out. It appears that the PC sees the camera just fine as hardware (as well as the M$ camera application which also shows live video from it), but the Lightburn software is refusing to acknowledge it even though it sees it as well??

For almost 30 years I have been the “Murphy” that is the bane of all help desks / support centers I come into contact with. I’m often told that what I am experiencing is “impossible”, my usual answer “do you want screen captures?”. I hate to give up, but I have already expended too much time on this and can survive without it.

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