LightBurn Camera Mounts

I’ve been saying for a while that we’d like to start offering our own camera mounts. In October, one of our users, Neil Rosenberg, sent me a link to a design he made and posted on Thingiverse (it’s here:

I liked the design enough that I made one of my own, using his as a visual guide, partially as a way of learning Fusion. I widened the lens hole and board channel enough to accommodate our wider lenses, and made a couple other design tweaks, like an internal lip to keep the board from sliding. We’re still tweaking a little, mostly to optimize for printing at this point.

Neil has graciously given me permission to run with it, so we’ll be offering 3d printed versions for sale for $30, and I’ll be putting the STL files up for anyone who’d like to print their own.

Note that these are currently for the 5MP cameras only, but I hope to produce a version for the 8MP soon.


And now, because it’s us, also in glittery Dragon Red PETG:


When can we expect the STL?

Right about now:


I see that in the file there are individual measurements of each part, but could you tell me the total measurements when put together, please?

I haven’t posted measurements, so you’re likely reading them from the Thingiverse page of Neil’s design, not ours.

Total assembled side is 90mm in length, 33mm high, and 20mm wide, if pointed vertically. The camera will stick out of the height slightly, a little more with the 120/140/160 degree lenses.


Awesome, thank you. I think I found a solution for my camera mounting issue.

I printed and used the one from Neil and like the changes you made as well. Will print your version soon!

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Nice… any movement on one for the 8mp cam???

I have one designed and ready for the 8MP-95, but I haven’t got a 110 lens on hand to test if it will fit that one too, so holding off for the moment until I can verify that they’ll fit both. If you have an 8MP-95 and are keen to get one, send me a PM and I can send you a web invoice for one.

If anyone has the 8MP-110 and can measure the diameter of the lens for me, I could check based on that and get these up.

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I would love to see this in CNC Aluminum. I would buy it in metal.

The shiny photo makes me want it in metal

it seems to be 18mm diámeter

Phoo - the holes in the 8MP top cap are 17mm. I’ll have to expand that to just above 18mm and run another batch of just those parts.

I’m pretty sure, but muy Vernier Is out of battery AND t’he curved lens surface makes a little tricky ti mesure. Let me cute a 18mm hole on
Mdf in the morning just to be sure before you make modifications and run the batch

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Sorry, confirmed, it is 18mm.

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not sure which cam I have but looks like 14mm to me (can’t access my account to see purchase)