Lightburn Camera Update Overlay

I have a 100w Chinese Red and Black Laser Machine. I bought the camera about a year ago. I just installed it a month ago. It was working fine until I updated the Lightburn Software 0.9.09. Now the camera will come on but it will not do the update overlay on the working place.

I have turned off turned on created new unplugged the cord. Still Nothing.

Please advise.

Kelly Moreland

Have you run the calibration etc?

@Kelly465, One place only please. We don’t enjoy bouncing back and forth on the same issue. :nauseated_face:

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So the camera shows in the camera control on the right hand side along with the update overlay but will not show on the graph work space. Nothing has changed other then me updating the Lightburn to the 0.9.09

Yes it has been calibrated and unplugged and plugged.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated

Is the ‘Show’ button green or red?

The Show and Fade are Green

What version did you update from - were you back pretty far? You might need to re-do the alignment calibration. If you were back on 0.8 something a couple things have changed in the math to make it fill the workspace properly.

I had not updated for awhile and so I guess that might have been the problem. I am not really sure but redoing the alignment calibration worked! Thank you so much I was about to panic. I absolutely LOVE the LIGHTBURN Camera. Thanks so much for help. I will try not to post problems under two different headings in the future. I am so new to this Forum and to any kind of computer things.

Sorry! I will not do that again! I am so new to the forum set up. Thanks for your help!

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