Lightburn Camera will not project in light burn

I am starting a new post to the same camera issue. I was using 03 software. No problem with camera since day one. My computer shut down due to overheating. When I re-booted my camera would not view in Lightburn. When I go to Windows setting the camera functions properly. I rebooted everything, updated to 04 software, switched USB ports, reset my 130W Omtech laser…Still no camera view. When I switch cameras in light burn to my computer webcam it will not show either. IF I shut light burn down, unplug my Lightburn camera and re-start Lightburn my web camera now projects the camera image in light burn. Now I re-plug the USB for my Lightburn camera and it will still not work. The program recognizes it (it now shows in the drop down), but I get no image. Also…once the cable is plugged in to the computer my webcam no longer works. I have tried everything that I can think of. I have to get this fixed ASAP. I am not certain if it is the cable, software or what? I wish there was some phone support!

Overheating is an unexpected behaviour.

Did something change where the computer was being used (local environment) and/or was it a power supply overheat or a CPU overheat? A damaged USB cable could consume power in a serious way but the majority of cable failures i’ve seen failed open or had data loss.

The first place to start is regrettably with Windows and its Control Panel menu.

With both cameras connected confirm that Windows sees both and they’re working.
Enable the Microphone for the camera (I have no idea why the Microphone is important but it can foul up the permissions).

Local environment did not change. The CPU overheated and shut down. I have gone into Windows control panel and camera and mike both work.

Next stop may be step 5 - Allow apps to use the camera?
Are you using Windows 10 or 11.

I am using windows 11. I went to customer support through Dell and they determined that all drivers are up to date. If I go to computer settings the camera works fine. It is only in Lightburn where I have a problem.

Did you work through the steps in the link I sent?
It sounds like you have a working camera and you may have to grant LightBurn permission to use the camera.

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