LightBurn can’t find laser after Ethernet setup

Had been using USB connection to Ruida controller on OMTech 55W laser with no issues. Setup was initially done using find my laser which was successful. Decided to go to an Ethernet connection following instructions for loading IP address from theFAQ section. Wasn’t able to make connection. Now I can’t connect to controller from either USB or Ethernet. Tried deleting both devices in LB and used both find my laser and configure manually with no luck. Could I have messed something up in changing the IP address? TIA

Go through the walkthrough step by step and make sure its directly plugged into the machine so no router along the way. Also make sure you have the right IP ranges and that your PC stays the same IP.

Follow through this FAQ document on how to configure it. FYI, LightBurn will not automatically find an Ethernet connected laser, you need to manually configure it. How do I connect a Ruida controller with Ethernet?

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