Lightburn cant find my laser Sculpfun

Can anyone tell me how my Mac (Mojave 10.14.6) could find my Laser cutter Sculpfun S9??
They are connected over USB Cable!

i would be happy about any answer that could help me.

Thank a lot

LightBurn completed an excellent setup and first-project video.
The video is timestamped so you can skip over the setup for Windows.

Sorry this is not helpful, i tryed this 5 times even with the same result, Lightburn doesn‘t find my SculpfunS9, does anyone have any other helpfull hints on store?

This video is excelent, but it does not solve my problem.

Can you provide some details on what you’re actually experiencing?

There are going to generally be two primary obstacles in getting your laser configured on Mac:

  1. Getting the OS to detect and prepare the serial port for use
  2. Getting the laser detected/configured within LightBurn

Let’s start with the first to determine if your OS is detecting the laser. Mojave should come with the necessary driver for the laser but that may not necessarily be the case.

Please provide the following:

  1. Can you take a screenshot of System Report->Hardware->USB?
  2. Run this in Terminal and return results:
ls /dev/*usb*

There are often a few foibles that one must address as obstacles in order to proceed with using a laser engraver. In my experience, everything that PY offers is gold.

Please answer troubleshooting questions when asked as we would all like to share in your success when you arrive.

There are countless nuances in setting up a laser engraver.

Since you have indeed done all the things (5 times) the conventional path does not appear to be working.

I look forward to sharing the unconventional path with you.

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