Lightburn communication issues after update 1.1.04

After updating lightburn to latest version 1.1.04 I cannot get both my machines to communicate at the same time(while both machines are on connected via USB) Running 2 instances of Lightburn. Last stable version of Lightburn was 1.0.04.
On last stable version I was always able to turn both machines on and open lightburn then open it again running 2 instances of the same program, selecting each machine separately in each instance. In LB version 1.0.04 I could go to devices and see the serial number for which machine I was talking to, now with version 1.1.04 it doesn’t show the serial number of the controller it show the USB port number.
The issue with this is that while both machines are on I can only communicate with one of them or disconnect one to communicate with the other.
Controllers: AWC 7824 II
firmware version
Converted PS20 machines with these updated controllers- Way better and faster than anything else

FYI: Both machines communicate fine through LaserCad and when I revert Lighburn back to version 1.0.04

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