Lightburn CorelDraw X6 macro issue

I have a friend that was able to install the (exporttoLightBurn.GMS) file to CorelDraw x7 and x8. I am not able to install in Coreldraw x6, I have followed the instructions that are on the Lightburn help section in the software.

The macro was written for Corel 2018 - I’m not able to purchase anything older. The text of the macro is provided as well (in the same folder) so if you have an older version of Corel you can likely make it work with that. I think they’ve altered the GMS file format in newer versions of Corel.

Thanks for all the help you and your team has provided

Please post whether or not you were able to get Corel x6 working with LB as it is the version I use but have not tried to install it yet. Thanks

We were able to get CorelDraw X6 to export a file to LightBurn by Creating a global Macro in CorelDraw using the following information.

Corel Draw export to LightBurn V3 X5compatible.txt (4.5 KB)

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