Lightburn crashes when I send a file to cutter


Since I paid for the software, it has been crashing each time I send a job to the cutter. I didn’t experience this issue with the trial version at all.

I’ve reinstalled the software and it was fine for one print run, but then reverted to this pattern of crashing every time. The crash is when I attempt to preview or just start the job. The wheel starts spinning at the “vectorizing images” dialog or the “optimising cut path” dialog and doesn’t stop until I force quit.

I saw this from a few days ago - sounds like the very same issue, only I’m on OS:

Any suggestions? Thanks.

As this doesn’t happen on other people’s machines, you can be confident it’s a problem with your computer.

Not much information to go on, like what PC, what OS, what version of the software,

She sent the offending file and I figured out what was causing the issue, and have taken steps to prevent the crashes if it happens again, as well as to prevent the cause of the issue (empty objects).