Lightburn crashing all of a sudden

I’m working with widows 11 and light burn to use with my Omtech 60. Everything has been going fine until yesterday when an error message came up and said lightburn crashed. I’m trying to put a name in the middle of a family tree. Can someone please help get me up and running again? Thanks Marilyn

Thank you for drawing our attention to this. LightBurn should not crash. Having said that, the message should also inform that we need to see what the details of that message are, so we can see what might be going on and give us some valuable clues before the crash. Please send that crash report and a bit more about what exact steps you were taking when the occurred, to, where we can take a closer look.

For now, I would restart LightBurn and see if you can complete your task. If this continues, you can roll back to an older version (← click this) you know was working for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back with me. I will try to send you some more detailed information. if I restart or click older version will I need a license code? I cannot locate mine. I appreciate your help. I’m super novice at all of this so thank you!

You should be able to install a different version without the need to re-enter you key. If you do need the key, the fastest way is to follow the steps in the post below. :slight_smile:

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