LightBurn does not detect Ruida 6442S-B

Totally new to LightBurn, just got a Boss LS1420. Using MacBook Pro, High Sierra 10.13.6. LightBurn will not detect the laser via usb cable. I have also tried adding it manually, still shows as disconnected. I get a failed to send notice followed by a machine must be paused or buy notice when I tried sending a file to the laser. I do not have ability to connect via ethernet.

Any ideas?

The simplest approach is going to be getting an Ethernet adapter for the Mac and connecting that way. There is a well documented conflict between the USB / Serial driver included in MacOS and the FTDI driver used by the USB chip in the Ruida controller.

Thank you! I will go buy an Ethernet Adapter today.

Purchased Ethernet adapter and Ethernet cable. Set up IP address for controller.

Result: now shows “Devices” “Ruida”
Also shows as “Disconnected” file transfer fails, laser may be paused or busy.

I’ve restarted the laser, the computer, tried the other USB port.

Are you able to ping the laser from the command line? If the IP address in the software and the laser match, make sure that you can ping that IP from the terminal window. I assume you have run the cable from the Ethernet adapter to the port on the laser?

Tech support from Boss Laser was able to get it connected so all is good now. Thank you so much for your help.

Do you know what they did to resolve it?

Discovered can connect with usb by starting the laser and connecting to the computer before turning on the computer. I had restarted the computer before both before and after connecting the laser however I do not know for sure that I had the laser turned on before restarting the computer. In the end it was as expected, operator error on my part.

That’s odd - it shouldn’t be necessary to power the laser before powering up the computer. If you run LightBurn first, then plug in the laser, you can right-click the ‘Devices’ button to have LightBurn re-scan for the laser.

Starting the laser, then the computer worked. If you start the computer first the laser isn’t ever seen nor is it able to connect.

I have never personally had that problem, so I’m quite surprised you have.

I’m surprised at how it was done, seems a bit off to me but it does work. Don’t think it’s how it’s supposed to be, seems like more of a work around.

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