Lightburn doesnt seem to turn off my air assist when turn it off in the software

It seems like before the new update when i would engrave and i turned off air assist lightburn would turn off air assist. However now air assist is always on no matter what I choose in the software.
I am using an OMTech 50w B&G

Some information would help. Are you using one of the “air assist” kits on the market?

How are the solenoids connected?

You think it worked but you are not sure?

I can get that…

Check the voltages across the solenoid(s) and see if they are ‘picked’ (energized.)

There a numerous ways of doing this or something like it, so you’ll have to fill us in.


i am using it out of the box no upgrades

I can’t help you with this. I asked you a couple of questions about the connections. If it isn’t working and you won’t tell us how it’s set up. I can’t really help you.

If it’s setup out of the box, then it should work. If it doesn’t we have to track down why it isn’t, so how it’s hooked up and other information are needed.

Good luck


I don’t know how it’s hooked up… It’s the default setup… I haven’t changed anything… I don’t know the answer to your questions… is there a solenoid in the default setup?

If we can help you, you have to know what you have and how it operates. I can’t do it remotely with little to no information.

Who installed this originally?

You have an external type air compressor, not the small one that came with it?

There are many ways to install an ‘air assist’ and there is no ‘default’ configuration. There are some that are more common and setup to be sold in kits and some people just put the parts together.

Take a couple pictures of it and we’ll work from there… :slight_smile:

Hang in there…


The air assist was installed by omtech… I am using the compressor that came in the system. Here are a few pictures…

You have no aux air installed. Look at the lower right of the controller in the picture. The air you have is just on all the time not controlled by the controller.

I have been told that it should be controlled and that it shouldn’t be.

The AUX Air connection is what the controller uses to turn on the air solenoid. If you follow the wires from the pump they probably just go to the power strip in the main compartment. The pump will be on whenever the machine is turned on. I just removed the exact same pump and installed the air assist.

Is there any way to make it in demand?

Yes with the air assist kits @jkwilborn was asking if you had installed.

I’m sorry for my ignorance, I can make the air assist I have on demand with an air assist kit correct?

Yes with a kit similar to this.

Thank you for your help and patience. Merry Christmas!

No worries. I don’t talk much anyways.

Merry Christmas

This is my air assist connection… In your photo, there is no connections, so no air assist control like you are expecting.

The ‘Wind’ sink is activated when layer(s) with ‘Air Assist’ enable are executed.

The ‘Status’ sink is active when the machine in is ‘run’ mode. I used this with a ss relay to control the compressor and fan.


thanks guys! i wonder if i can wire it to send power to the compressor when the toggle is on in lightburn and not when its off

You’ll still want to get the kit. You don’t want to turn off the air 100%. The little airflow when the kit is installed helps keep the smoke off the lense.

The controller is turning this stuff on and off. The only thing is knows is that a layer has ‘air assist’ enabled or not. It doesn’t ‘use’ lightburn to operate.

You should read through the standard implementation of Air Assist. Many of us have dumped that original ‘air compressor’ for an external one with more volume and higher pressure.

Most people use the ‘air assist’ kit like this… When the machine is operating without ‘air assist’ it will feed low pressure air anytime the machine is in ‘run’ mode. The execution of a layer with ‘air assist’ enabled will allow high pressure air to make it to the head.

There are two solenoids, one for that is enable anytime the machine is in ‘run’ mode (‘Status’) and the second when ‘air assist’ is enabled on the layer (‘Wind’).

The ‘Status’ sink, allows hi pressure air to enter the system.

If the ‘air assist’ layer is ‘off’ then ‘Wind’ will not go active and the ‘bypass’ solenoid is closed. The only way to the head is via a reducing valve. This gives low pressure air any time the machine is in ‘run’ mode.

When the ‘air assist’ layer is executed, ‘Wind’ goes low, enabling the ‘bypass’ to allow full pressure to the head.

The machine has no idea about the existence of Lightburn… so you can’t program for that…

My first moves on my machine was to get rid of the noise of both the supplied compressor and the exhaust fan that ran the whole time the machine was on.

This is an easy ‘first’ hack. You are just wiring the compressor and the exhaust fan together and controlled it by a ssr connected to ‘Status’.

Good luck