Lightburn File format help

Hey all,

I’ve done some research via this forum to programmatically generate myself some light burn files

here here and here (Well I cant only post 2 links)

Is there a way I can programmatically determine the width and height of the object in a lightburn file?
Context is that I am wanting to generate 1 “master” lightburn file, from multiple other lightburn files. I’d like to not only have then in 1 file, but stack them on the workbench so they are not overlapping. e.g generate 1 lbrn2 file that includes 1x a5 rectangle, 1x a4 rectangle and 1xa3 rectangle and stack them starting at 0,0 vertically, or horizontally depending if they will fit into my workbench size. I haven’t quite figured out where to read this data from (I am not well versed in svg’s or generating vectors with code)

Bonus question, what does the VertID do in a Shape attribute? I figured it had to be sequential for each Shape Element to display properly but just wanted some more info on why?


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