Lightburn file sends to laser, laser moves but does not fire

Hello! Newbie here. I am trying to use lightburn Rather than the software my laser machine came with (smartcarve). The files will send to the laser from lightburn, the laser head moves, but the laser is not firing. The laser does work in smart carve software. Any help is greatly appreciated!


What does the control system look like? My digging returns inconclusive answers, yet these are worth review:

Uploading: IMG_8770.JPG…
Uploading: IMG_8769.JPG…

Attached is an image of the controller. I have tried numerous times to connect via ethernet to the laser. According to what I have read some of the older CamFive machines are not capable of connecting to lightburn without replacing the controller.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Yes, this is what I found as well.

BTW, your images did not load completely. You can edit to reload, but wait until they have uploaded then hit reply. :slight_smile:

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