Lightburn fire button expand TTL

lightburn fire button expand ttl

i wonder if i can exspand the time that the laser stay on when i press the fire button.

The TTL is now just about 10 seconds but is to short for me.
i like to change it to 30 sec but cant find the setting for it or cant find the grbl-command that i can use.

hope you can help me with it. ?

Apologies for this delayed response. To assist, below I share how this button is designed to behave. :slight_smile:

  • Press the button to turn on the laser, and press it again to turn it off. Set the Power value to a very low value that makes the laser just visible enough to see and focus. Too bright and you run the risk of burning the material when your focus is correct.

Im on a diode laser.[atomstack x20]

I already had activated the fire button and it kind of work.
When i push the gire button the laser getting on add 1 % power

But it automaticly power off after 10 seconds
And not stay on.

Most likely that is a safety feature in the firmware of the laser itself, and not something that LightBurn would be able to control. I would suggest contacting AtomStack to see if there is a way to override this.

Thnkx Oz, i just did.

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