Lightburn for Fiber - at last!

Brilliant to see that Lightburn have started work on galvo / fiber control software and are saying it will be released in 2022. The long wait is almost over!


could of helped with the testing, I have a 2.5d auto focus ezcad3 50 watt jpt

You make it sound like we are all done and ready to go. We are not. As we get ready for more general testing, we will keep you in mind. Thank you. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t support EZC3 boards, just EZC2 for now.


I also run a 50w fibre on ezcad 2 more than happy to help out with testing. This is probably the best news to wake up to super excited!!

I do still have my ezcad2 board, may have to downgrade.

Is relief (“3d”) engraving on the list of add’ons? And, whenever it rolls out will it be for all three platforms win,mac,linux at the same time or staggered? i have my mac mini m1 and hackintosh box with triple boot to be a test dummy let me know🤓
I run a 60w mopa ck laser with autofocus and “3d” capability although the software provided by cklaser was not EZCad3. Looks more like an in-house mod of EZC2 with a 3d add’on.

It already works on Win / Max / Linux. We don’t have 3D anything yet, or EZCad3 hardware supported. I haven’t heard of “cklaser” - I’d need to know what the actual hardware board is to know if we’d support it (or see a USB data capture from WireShark of your computer talking to it)

Very eager to get my hands on this software, extremely tired of EZCrash2 not being able to support more than 4gigs of ram ever. Being a network engineer / computer guy for over 20 years now, and having power house machines at my disposal and struggling with a software that will not use more than 15% of system resources to save itself from crashing is difficult to deal with. Looking forward to being able to test / run Lightburn for my gun store.

You can add me to the list when you are ready to release it. Can I sign up somewhere?

This is great news. As just getting a fiber about 2 weeks ago and knowing how to use lightburn will make the experience better.

looking forward to the fibre galvo release, will be glad to replace ezcad 2/lmc1 on my 60w mopa! have a gweike 1kW raycus on the way too, but have no idea what the board looks like yet, probably cricut

the best news of the year xD
are you still looking for people to test ? i can help with my 30 watt fiber laser… Ezcad 2 sucks…

Greetings from Germany

I have a JPT 50W too, but still have the v2 card. I’d like to put my hand up for minimal testing too. :smiley: LOL

Super interested in this. I’m not a fan at all of my ezcrash. I’ve been using lightburn on our co2 laser for a few years now and can say it has been so much easier than the mfg supplied interface.

What do we need to do to get on a list?

Theo Aftonomos
Seaside Metal Design

I’d be happy to help test when the time comes. I own a 30w and a 50w both ezcad2 boards.

Best promo of all-time :heart:

I would also like to help testing it out.

I have a 50W JPT Fiber Laser with Sino Galvo.
Stock Ezcad2 Controller

Pn me :wink:

I have a 60 W MOPA laser along with two Co2 lasers. I have lightburn for the C02’s and am excited for the functionality on the fiber. Would love to test it out also. Please Jason…seen you on Laser Everything. Thanks