Lightburn for Fiber - at last!

Yeah, I am running EZCad in Win 8.1 via BootCamp on an older High Sierra MBP. How are you liking Parallels?

Crashes sometimes after a job. Might be due to the amount of memory allotted for the VM.

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Dear @LightBurn -Team,

any updates on when this feature will come available? Or if there will be a public beta?

Best regards!

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Bumpy bump

We’ll be opening up a public trial version, probably before the actual release, so we can do some wider compatibility testing before it goes on sale, but we’re on track for a release near the end of Q2.


Can’t wait for a public beta do we know when tall might release the public beta?

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Soon-ish. :slight_smile: It’s software, things can come up, but we want to get it to folks as soon as it’s ready. We will announce in all the places when we do.


I’m in on the beta!

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Looking forward to it! Fingers crossed!

We’re very close on the actual software side, but there are a bunch of other things we want in place before the release:

  • We need to make sure it’s been well tested with the most recent changes (in progress)

  • We needed more support people (basically done)

  • Support staff need to be familiar with galvo machines and troubleshooting the problems that arise (in progress)

  • The website needs additional products for the galvo version, and adding galvo to an existing key

  • The back-end license generation tools need to handle the new license types

The first three are the big ones - we don’t want to release it full of bugs, for obvious reasons, and we need our support team to be large enough to handle the additional load, and comfortable enough with how it all works to be able to answer the questions that arise. If they can’t answer something, it goes to a dev, and there are fewer of us. :slight_smile:

We’re still debating the exact timing internally, but I anticipate a release at the end of June or early July.


If you still need a beta tester I sure can help.