LightBurn for LaserPecker2?

Hi, would it be possible to generate G code for LaserPecker 2 with it ?

I would need to see the kind of GCode the machine accepts to know if LightBurn has any compatible GCode profiles.

LaserPecker.txt (8 KB)
Take a look at attached sample gcode file.

That looks a lot like GRBL-M3 GCode, though the formatting is different, and it’s not clear why they have G4 P0 commands littered throughout - Those are pauses, but with zero pause time - technically that should do absolutely nothing, but since they’re included, I suspect they’re required and it’s not clear why.

You could try using the GRBL-M3 device profile in LightBurn and export GCode from that. It might work.

Ok, i will try it and let you know.

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I read, not sure where, when I was looking at them a year ago, that although their software is proprietary, I understand it will load gcode, and will get it to the Laserpecker correctly…

I would assume if that’s true, you could just save the gcode and ship it to their software.

Didn’t follow up, but it might be a way to use some real software for that machine… Galvo…

Of course you’d have to find a victim, eh, a user that could try it…


There’s also the matter of the rotary option. I’m not sure how that integrates.

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