Lightburn Gcode compatibility with Snapmaker Artisan 40W

I am using Lightburn with the Snapmaker Lightburn Profile from Snapmaker (Using Ray / Artisan / 2.0 with LightBurn | Snapmaker Wiki), so Lighburn creates grbl style gcode

My current project contains a Text-part (which is lasering fine) and a cutting part (line around the Text). After the Text has been lasered the laser cuts the first path, then moves to the next path but never turns on the laser power.

I think the problem is the generated gcode from lightburn.

; Cut @ 900 mm/min, 99% power
G0 X2.149Y1.244 ← moves to first path
; Layer OuterCut
G1 X-0.111Y0.09S252.4F900 ← begins cutting with 99% laser power
G1 X-0.092Y0.108
G1 X-0.069Y0.124

G1 X-0.151Y0.015
G1 X-0.141Y0.043
G1 X-0.127Y0.067
G0 X-4.346Y0.46 ← turns laser off and moves to next path
G1 X-0.044Y-0.138 ← begins cutting next path but without laser power
G1 X-0.069Y-0.124
G1 X-0.092Y-0.108
G1 X-0.111Y-0.09
G1 X-0.127Y-0.067

Is this a lightburn issue (missing the S part of the G1 command) or is this a Snapmaker Artisan issue because it should use the last laser power from previous G1 command)?

The “fill” mode of the Text always uses only the G1 command with S0 and Sxxxx to turn laser power on/off

G1 X2.197S63.8
G1 X1.75S0
G1 X-0.2Y0.1
G1 X-1.75
G1 X-2.197S63.8
G1 X-1.75S0
G1 X0.2Y0.1
G1 X1.75
G1 X2.197S63.8
G1 X1.75S0
G1 X-0.2Y0.1
G1 X-1.75


This seems to be a bug firmware but. try this
Edit → device settings
Gcode tab

Enable the Svalue on Every G1
This should reissue the Svalue after the G0
Svalue should be permanent in memory and not “forgotten” but i have seen multiple firmware versions have this bug.

Does that fix issue?

Thanks Gil,

that fixed the issue :grinning:


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