Lightburn import from Adobe Illustrator 2020

Hi guys,

So I just updated to Adobe Illustrator 2020 today, previously had been using the latest CC version which I think was version 23. I’d normally import saved files with the correct colour paths and fills straight into Lightburn and then start engraving. However I noticed today after doing the Illustrator updated that saving files directly out and importing them into Lightburn crashes the software.

What you need to do is save them out in the CC (Legacy) format if you want to be able to import directly into Lightburn.

I wanted to give a heads up to the developers as there maybe an update to do to Lightburn for compatibility.

Thanks again,
Steven | 4130

This would be true for older versions of LightBurn, but should not be true for the current release (0.9.09). Are you current and still seeing this crash?

Hey @LightBurn, ah thanks for the info, I’m doing the update now and will see what happens and report back.

Speak soon!

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