LightBurn installation on Chromebook with Linux

Hello fellow burners!! I am trying to load LightBurn on my Samsung Galaxy Chromebook with Linux. I have enabled Linux and downloaded LightBun Linux version. I took the Linux installer and moved to the Linux Files folder, under File Manager. I have went into Linux and updated apps, and tried multiple things I found on the web. I need some help on this please. I am missing a step somewhere.

Search, at the top-right, is your friend. :slight_smile:

I am new to Linux but have a Chromebook that will run it. I cannot seem to get this LightBurn installed!! I have watched every video and checked every website on this, still no luck. Can you please walk me through this step by step? I have enabled Light Burn beta and have prompt screen. I have ran the updates and upgrades sudo commands. My problem is that when I downloaded Light Burn to my Chromebook, it went into My Files. I then moved it to Linux Files. I do not know the command to type into Linux that directs it to My Files > Linux Files. I cannot find anything on this on the web.

None of us here have (or have used) Chromebooks, and they aren’t officially supported. If you have one that is Intel based, it should work, but the specifics of how you launch the application I couldn’t tell you. @jrebeiro or @dkj4linux may be able to give advice.

Thanks Oz. I thought the guys above in this post had installed on Chromebooks, wanted to get thier input. I’m running in a windows machine now, but have a Chromebook available to use and wanted to give a try.

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