Lightburn is doubling letters/engravings randomly

In the last week or so, when I engrave, letters are being doubled or shifted. It’s not the laser itself. I did upgrade to the newest version and things seemed to go ok, but now we are back to square one today. What could be going on? I have a large order due on Tuesday and really need this figured out quickly.

Photos and screen captures really help us see what the problem is.

Was trying to figure out how to upload photos…

I have a trial version of lightburn running a ruida co2 and my first rotary jobs have a similar issue.

Im still investigating.

What is you speed setting?

Are you 100% sure your drive belts are tight?

I’m pretty sure they are tight. My husband did just install some servo motors recently. He’s going to double check.

My speed was 400. But it also does it at slow speeds (200). And it’s not consistently in the same spot.

Take a look at this thread. It may apply to your problem.
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Hey guys and gals - did you make progress on your problem? Please post back here so other people can learn from your progress. Thanks.

Didn’t find a solution. Had to uninstall the servo motors.

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