Lightburn logo, but appears to be proprietary

Question from another board about these. Seems to be a proprietary cloud system, yet the Lightburn logo is there… seems pretty misleading.

Not to mention an faq question and answer like this.

Surprisingly, they have an RF excited version also…


From other posts here I believe this laser is meant to offer both a cloud based proprietary software as well as LightBurn compatibility. But could be wrong.

I could find Lightburn mentioned no where else on the site. It says you ‘drag and drop the’ file on their cloud based software. Lists all the other various art packages that everyone references. The only way to it is via their software.

There is no usb and the Internet has to be up… They claim they are ‘developing’ a software package to allow wifi connection. That could mean anything…

It would be advantageous for them to be able to run other applications, but they appear to be totally proprietary.


Their site is not the most navigable but they specifically call out LightBurn compatibility on one of their pages:
Gweike Cloud


Didn’t see that…

Great site, isn’t it…?

I’m suspicious from reading the rest of it that it’s not how it appears…

Just thought I’d bring it up…


Their offering hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm. Here’s a link to one user that is using that laser with LB.

Sounds like a real winner…


So that machine is a glowforge… Looks the same and has the same type of function. I think that Gweike OEMs for other people like thunder laser and boss. I don’t have anything to back that up but they have machines that match the specs of other brand names.

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While similar in appearance they don’t look identical to me. Do you know with certainty that the machines are the same? I didn’t think Glowforge came with Ruida controllers and if they are the same that would open up a huge world of LB to Glowforge users. But I’m almost certain that Glowforge does not use Ruida controllers.

No I don’t know for certain. They are built very similar, down to the chiller box that sits next to the laser. It seems similar to how they do the boss lasers. Different colors or slight design changes but the core machine is very close.

Ah. Okay. Thought this would be a potential game changer. I think this is more of a case of convergent designs or borrowing “inspiration”. Their models seems similar but with different implementations.

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haha! Borrowing inspiration. That’s awesome.

All this junk looks the same. China blues look like other china blues, even though the parts are not interchangeable and they are built in different factories… Make it fit on a table so they have some place to put it…

It’s sad that they do not use a common interface. That’s what made the PC…


Pretty sure gweike used to OEM the Glowforge before they took production elsewhere.

Glowforge isn’t lightburn compatible, they made damn sure of that. Gotta lock those users in, right, why else would they pay $50/month for the “premium cloud”?

Does that mean the Gweike software will operate on the Glowforge? They seem to have their own cloud services with custom software…


Just because they manufactured the machines at one point doesn’t mean their current software would work with what is some highly proprietary software GF is currently running.

Your best chance with a Slowforge is selling the thing and using the money to buy a more capable and less locked-in machine.