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My LightBurn expired Nov16/21
It would appear that I can no Longer extend but am required to buy a new License
If so does that mean I can still run two Laptops with expired Version and two more Laptops with latest version

Sorry, but not following. Our license is good forever and will continue to run. Continued access to our latest work requires renewal, as described in our “How does the license work.”

I don’t think this is the case. You should still be able to extend for one year. You may want to reach out to support to see if there’s something going on.

Make sure you’re going to the right link:
Renew your existing LightBurn License Key – LightBurn Software

You need to enter your current valid key when you extend.

If you bought a new license I would expect this to be true.

@Rick ,Thanks …My issue was solved
What was happening was I was doing a copy and CTRL -v (to paste )
What happened was the zero’s ended up having a backslash through them …as such it was invalid format

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@berainlb Thank you for info…It ended up being I was doing a Copy and paste Ctrl-v…when I did that the zeros ended up having a backslash through them…which made the License # invalid …dam Computers

Important thing is you’re back in business. Glad you got it sorted.

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