Lightburn not finding AtomStack A5 Pro+

I read and tried for 2 days before posting this.
MacBook Pro running Monterey
AtomStack A5 Pro+

Can someone give me specific instructions or a link to download required firmware or driver? Thanks much for any help. Frustrating.

Connect your Atomstack to the Mac with the USB cable and power everything up.

The CH340 driver is first.

Once that’s there you’ll have to manually create the device.

Open the Laser Window (If it’s not yet open go to the top row of LightBurn and hit Window and make sure Laser has a check mark beside it - if it does it’s active and probably docked.

In the Laser window, click Devices (bottom Left), when the next window pops up click ‘Create manually’.

Select GRBL make up any other information needed to get past this step.

The objective is to get your mac to talk to the Atomstack A5 Pro+. In the final steps we’ll have LightBurn read all the settings in from the controller and save them.

Back to the Laser window. Click the middle bottom button and you’ll get a list of choices. Look for one that says Serial USB in the name and avoid the bluetooth one that Mac seems to default to.

Open the Console window - it should be docked somewhere but if it’s not - top row ‘Window’ make sure Console has a check mark beside it.

When it connects you’ll get some info in the console window about the AtomStack. If it’s not finding it, select another com port in the laser window… wait a few seconds and see if it will connect.

Once it connects, open Edit, wheel all the way down to Machine Settings and click that one.
When that pop up window opens very carefully click ‘Read’ (bottom right) and it will read all the information out of the Atomstack A5 Pro.

Then, in the same pop up window click Save to File (bottom right) and make up a filename that you can remember so you can preserve the factory Machine Settings - it’s a very handy file to have.

If you get stuck somewhere - come back to this and we can see what went wrong.

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