LightBurn opens DXF files wrong (differently from AutoCAD)

The DXF in autoCAD has a series of concentric arcs which are separate. Lightburn has made these arcs into a zigzag pattern. I’m using AutoCAD 2024 and the DXF is a AutoCAD 2018 DXF.

  1. Can I get LightBurn to read the DXF file correctly?
  2. Is there a way that I can draw the file differently, so that I get correct result?

I export a R13 ASCII DXF file. What version of LB are you using? Also, see picture for Auto-Close tolerance.

Thank you RalphU! The autoclave tolerance was set to 0.030mm and setting it to 0.000mm fixed the issue. Now the file in LightBurn looks like the file in AutoCAD.

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