Lightburn palette

Does anyone know where I can get or find the original settings for the color palette?

I don’t know what exactly you’re asking…

The only color items are the layers and these are fixed… as far as I know.

Might want to expand on what you mean by palette color…


To make it show up again, Window → Cut Palette.

To figure out the colors for each layer:

For anything else, more words will help … :grin;

Does this help?


Thanks for the replies. I guess I wasn’t very clear the first post. As an example….the ry first time I used Lightburn and created an object, the assigned the 00 black layer, it came in with 100 speed- 30 max power, 10 min power on fill mode. 01 blue layer came with 10 speed - 30 maypole - 30 min power on line mode. The 02 red layer came in with something else and had (holes) showing when hovering over it. Now iI select any of thes layers, h all on in at 100 speed, 20 max and 20 min set in line mode… I was looking for what all the color layers were set at originally……speed, min and max powe, and mode. Hope this clarifies a little better

There are several interacting pieces.

A setting in Edit → Settings → File Settings starts new files with the default assignments:

But those probably won’t suit whatever laser & materials you have, so you should use the various Defaults options in the Cut Settings dialog for each layer to set them the way you want:

Having loaded the Material Library with speed / power values for the stuff I use around here, I just assign those named values to layers in each design as I go, rather than depend on remembering what the defaults for each layer might have once meant.

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@JohnJohn did a nice write-up a few days ago, sharing a nice workflow of steps to have the layers set to your desired needs. This can be very helpful in producing consistent results from known inputs. Definitely worth a peek. :slight_smile:

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