Lightburn Pricing

When I installed the trial of Lightburn on my PC it said it was $30 for the G-Code and $60 for DSP. Now that I go to pay for it , it says $60 for the G-Code and $120 for the DSP. I have to pay double because I used the trial??? I am disabled and on a fixed income. I will make no money using Lightburn since I am not allowed, legally, to earn anything. What gives??

As you could see from the site, the prices of the versions have increased, the price that tells you now is the updated and regular one for everyone

But from $30 to $60 in a month??

I’m not sure where you saw the $30 price but the new prices have been in effect for just about a year… ever since 1.0 came out.

LightBurn 1.0 released (insert party noises) – LightBurn Software


Too bad they don’t honor the price they tell you when you start the trial.

That was the price I got 30 days ago. I never even heard of Lightburn before that.

Where was the price listed? Directly on LightBurn site?

I know I’ve seen pages on other websites that have not been updated with the new pricing but I haven’t seen that on the LightBurn site directly. If there is one would be good if you could point it out. I’m sure the team would want to correct that.

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It was right on the Lightburn site. I had no other site to go to. I found Lightburn from LA Hobby Guys site, but I downloaded the trial directly from the Lightburn site, and that is where I got the price. I was relieved to see that the one I needed was $30. It took me days to convince my wife to let me get it at $30. She’ll never go for $60.

That’s interesting. I’d like to investigate this a little further. Sometimes it’s just confusing. Did the Trial contain pricing information?

The current G-code and DSP pricing has been in place since Aug 16, 2021.

Current new or first purchase pricing information is here:

Renewing an existing licence key is a different price than purchasing a licence key.

It’s odd because I’m not aware of the g-code license ever being $30. At least not in the last 2 years. It was $40 for as long as I can remember and then went to $60 last year. I’m very curious where you would have seen that.

I’m sure one of the LightBurn folks will pitch in with some insight.

Honestly, I don’t know that I saw the price in the trial anywhere. I know when I was trying to convince my wife, I was on the Lightburn site and she even commented that $30 was doable but nothing more. I’ll be paying off the laser for the next few months and now I have to figure a way to convince her of $60. It’s just not right.

World war 3 is starting here but I’m going to order it. The web site says there is a discount code. Does anyone have the discount code??

We have never provided LightBurn license for $30.00 USD.

We do offer 365-days of access to updates and fixes, known as a license ‘Renewal’ for that price, but not for the original license key. I think this is a case of confusion around our pricing model. You are not being punished for trial, as we offer that to everyone for free.

Which site are you referring to here? LightBurn is already priced as low as we can, while continuing to provide high levels of value, support and continued development. We do not offer discounts, as you may be thinking.

I am on the lightburn page to enter my credit card information and it says discount code.

Someone has to be able to help sort this out. I didn’t screenshot the whole oage because of my personal information. (credit card, etc.)

I am here, right now, with you. I kindly offer again, LightBurn does not offer discounts. I see what you are sharing, and will generate a report to investigate removal of confusion from that page. Thank you.

As a former software developer myself, I understand the effort you guys are putting into this and your software is impressive. Customer support, transparency and your website information accuracy leaves much room for improvement. Sad that there isn’t better customer support. This would never fly anywhere I’ve ever worked.

My reviews on all of the tech sites for the software will be good. My reviews for the company will not be nearly as generous.

I have offered to you my direct involvement, provide detailed and clear response and thanked you for providing your valued insight regarding the confusion around seeing a Discount Code box on the checkout page. I appreciate your posts, feedback and insight, so again Thank you for this investment.

At the same, this is starting to feel like you are asking more from this exchange. What else can I offer to help resolve?