Lightburn randomly closing while I’m using it

I’m having an issue where LB just shuts down specifically while I’m using it. Not when idle, not on power save mode, while I am actively using it. I just did about an hour of design work and it shut down. When I reopened it, I got the option to recover. Then I put in another hour of design work and—still working/designing—it shut down again. This next time it did NOT allow me to recover. Boom. Two hours of time lost. I shut my machine and PC down in frustration and walked away.

What I love is when there is a closed topic:

that was closed unanswered and it might have helped me. I’ve encountered this numerous times. Looks like a string of bad LB luck on my end. :rage:

That post asked for some very specific information to help debug the problem.

The next time it happens to you, send that information to the good folks at LightBurn and they will be able to make some progress toward figuring out what’s wrong.

In the interim, set the Auto Save interval to a few minutes.

Note that LightBurn creates one backup file, not a timestamped series of them, so you can recover from a crash, but you cannot go back in time through your changes.

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